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Best of Tiffany's"Sex Tips Du Jour"

Part of: Trick Or Treat

*Dove Dark chocolate foil says: 'Sleep late,
dream more.' Tiffany adds, "Sleep late, dream more, have more sex.."

*Nice/clean underwear is a turn-on

*It takes women 20-40 minutes to get fully turned-on. This means foreplay, foreplay and more Foreplay.

*Do not introduce someone you are dating as a friend if you expect to ever have sex with them again-- especially when introducing them to the opposite sex. A friend is someone you don't have sex with. Yes, I know there are exceptions. It's nice to introduce people by their name, "So and so, this is so and so."

*Asking a girl, "Do you like porn?" is not a turn-on. Especially when you have just met her.

*Feed your sweetie Raspberry or Mango Haagan Daz sorbet

*Buy good condoms like Kimonos (not Trojans). They will make a difference for either gender.


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