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Bondage Bound

Part of: Britney , Gossip

[Breakfast: an almond croissant and a latte]

*B.A.T. Exclusive*

An MGM insider has told me that despite continuing rumors of who will be the next James Bond: Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, Julian McMahon, etc…the next Bond is Hugh Jackman. Jackman was contracted to play Bond just short of a year ago with a three picture deal and will start filming as soon as "X-Men 3" has wrapped. Whether this remains to be true after Sony’s merger with MGM, only time will tell. Personally, my vote would be for Clive Owen.

In other news:

-Britney Spears is pregnant and I don't give a shit! (via myway)

-"Tiffany's European Vacation-Part 3" will be updated throughout this week.

-I haven't been posting as much because I'm moving. This will change next week. If you have never donated money to this site, now would be a perfect time to do so. Any amount would be appreciated! Moving is tres expensive. Merci, Gracias..etc!!!!


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