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DineLA -- Grace Review

Part of: Food , LA , Slice of Life

Dine LA was the motivation I needed to try some restaurants that have been on my list for some time. I only chose Deluxe Dining establishments that were slightly more expensive than their Premiere Dining conterparts: $22 lunch instead of $15 and $34 dinner vs. $25. I don't normally eat a three-course meal, so I wasn't saving all that much and was possibly setting myself to put on some pounds when I was trying to lose a few. Oh, well!

The first restaurant I tried was Grace. I loved the pumpkin soup starter with pumpkin seeds, though I couldn’t taste the coconut scented water. DK was swayed by the foie gras that you could have for an additional $16 or so. The foie gras came with a mini dish of what was described as cacao and berries encased in an egg-like mixture. There was also a jelly, so it was three separate units on a rectangular plate. I had a bite of everything together and have to admit that it was quite spectacular. DK was also very impressed.

After such quality starters I was expecting for the entrees to be amazing. There was a choice of salmon or filet of beef. The beef was very average, and if it hadn’t taken forever for us to get out entrees and wasn’t already 10:30 pm, I would have sent it back. It tasted grisly and had no tenderness. The farro did not compliment the dish, either, and the two slices of what looked like blood sausage were not appetizing. DK loves sausage and did not like it, so it had to have been completely tasteless. We were also puzzled by the fact that a couple who had sat down 15 minutes after us had their entrees before us. Timing seemed to be arbitrary since they had been done for a long time after us and we got our dessert before them. I had always fantasized about going to Grace for donut Wednesdays, but my fantasy was way better than the reality. The cinnamon donuts were completely lackluster. They were very thin and lacked any texture. The small mug of lukewarm chocolate with some pieces of cold marshmallow that accompanied them was also a disappointment.

I would only go back to Grace to sit in the bar lounge area and order cocktails and appetizers. They have an interesting cocktail list and I did enjoy the Grace Gimlet (gin, blood orange juice, and a rosemary simple syrup) with dinner. It was also amusing watching the lone diner two seats down from us trying to eavesdrop on us while drinking expensive glasses of pink champagne.

Choice 1 - Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup, Pumpkin Seed Oil
Choice 2 - Shrimp Cavatelli, Peas, Chantrelle Mushrooms

Choice 1 - Grilled Filet of Beef Farro, Morcilla, Red Wine Sauce
Choice 2 - King Salmon, Quinoa, Artichokes, Lobster Nage

Choice 1 - Grace Doughnuts


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