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Even More TIFF

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[Breakfast: buttered toast with strawberry and apricot jam]


Damn. I finally got sick and it wasn’t even from the obnoxious family who were coughing and not managing their small children on our plane ride back from Toronto. I got a ticket to the Emmys last minute, but I wasn’t feeing well enough to get ready and deal with the crowds, parking etc. by myself. Yes, I would have had to go by myself. Honestly, I wanted to go more for the red carpet than the awards. Actresses’ dresses often look so different in person and some colors photograph differently as well. I did go to a Celebrity Poker party and a gifting suite the Friday before the Emmys.

More TIFF. We were staying at one of the hotels where other stars were staying and there was also a gifting suite there. It was also a place where interviews took place, so there were always paps and autograph seekers standing outside our hotel. One time I was walking out the front door and some guy yelled,” You look very nice today.” I think he felt sorry for me since the crowd probably got bummed out when yet another non-famous hotel guest walked out. I appreciated the gesture. After a while I figured out I could enter and exit the hotel thru the gift store and avoid the walk of fame all together. I did see Emma Roberts, Arsinée Khanjian, Julianne Moore, and some twentysomething Japanese rock star or very famous actor.

The first party we went to was supposed to be the best party at Toronto. It was the Variety/eTalk party. I was so jet-lagged from coming back to LA from a week’s long vacation and then hopping on a plane less 36 hours later, that I didn’t last too long. (We had to leave for the party like an hour after we had arrived at our hotel.) The best thing about the party was seeing Diddy perform with a choir and seeing him walk by me after his set. Where we were standing was practically backstage. Samantha Ronson was DJing and Lindsay Lohan was hanging out. I also had a great drink that consisted of coconut water, vodka and liquor similar to Bailey’s. The food wasn’t so great. There was some kind of pork burrito and I wasn’t a fan of the passed hors’dourves. All of the appetizers from the parties blended together at the end: Roast beef bites, mushroom whatever, salmon (the one I liked) etc. It was good that most of them didn’t excite so I didn’t gain any weight. More on TIFF later.


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