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Management After Party Toronto

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[Breakfast: Fage yogurt with some ginger granola]


The thing that sucked about Toronto this year was the weather. I had to buy a winter sweater and a pair of jeans since it was mostly in the low to mid-60s. Last year it was in the 80’s. The good thing about the sweater was that it was by a Canadian brand named Line. The bad thing about buying stuff in Canada is that the dollar is pretty much equal and the tax is almost double. Of course, the only jeans that I liked the fit of were a pair of expensive True Religions. I wore them one rainy night to the after-party for Management, a movie starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn.

Since the weather was so bad, the party ended up being in a small bar area since most people didn’t want to hang outside. This was good because it meant that Jennifer Aniston was literally like five feet away from me the entire time. She always seemed like one of those celebrities that you could see having a margarita with and trusting to keep any secrets that you revealed while wasted. I still think that. Aniston doesn’t have that star “IT” factor in person, but it’s kind of refreshing that she really is the girl next door and her insecurity shows up as vulnerability instead of arrogance. It makes you really want to slug John Mayer for being such an ass about their breakup. One of my sources was telling me that it’s true that Aniston is a really private person and low-key. It’s also nice that she isn’t plastic considering that so many other actresses are so obsessed with perfecting their features. She does have a fabulous body, is not as tall as you would think, and is prettier on film.

Other than seeing Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn, the party was kind of boring because there were mostly managers and agents there.


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love Love LOVE her! Team Aniston!

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