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A John in Vienna

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood , Random , Rant
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This really rich Viennese guy, Richard Lugner, invites a celebrity to the Vienna Ball each year and pays them obscene amounts of money to be his date. Paris Hilton got a million dollars last year. Before Paris he invited Carmen Electra and Gerri Halliwell. This year's pick was Dita Von Teese. Interestingly, his wife divorced him last year. I assume that she got annoyed that he was increasingly inviting women who have reputations for being slutty. (If I were going to have a three way, I wouldn't want to do it with any of these women either.) The stars were really dates of the married couple if this Wiki entry is correct. I know that a large sum of money for a day's worth of work is enticing, but aren't these women prostituting themselves? It's not like any of them donate the money to charity. I hate when blatant Hollywood cliches are outed in such a public manner. I know that a lot of men prostitute themselves in Hollywood too--it's very icky.


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who are some of the men? I'm curious.

Interesting topic. The wife is probably no better than the dates-- probably divorced him to cash in too. Who would really turn down $1 million, a free vacation and a fabulous party when all they have to do is stand around looking pretty? It's like an escort service or a photo shoot or an acting job... Depends on one's definition of prostitution. The women were probably paid a lot more to do a lot less nudity and sex with this guy than what they normally do for the camera and the whole world!

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