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Coffee Talk

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Over the weekend I received a political Blogad touting Barack Obama. It was aimed at eliciting California votes. I decided to reject the ad, even though I was also declining revenue. It’s the first time I’ve used the reject ad option that Blogads provides. I have declined ads in the past that people have e-mailed me, mostly because they were too sexually explicit. I don’t feel that it’s appropriate for my entertainment blog to promote politics or porn. I have written about politics a handful of times in the past as a guest blogger on a political blog, but mixing gossip and fashion with politics doesn’t equal entertainment. I am a Democrat, which most of you probably have figured out. I will be voting for either Obama or Hillary, but think that you should vote for whomever you want as long as you vote. (For the record, I would have also declined an ad for Hillary.) It is interesting that Obama’s camp decided to do Blogads since it’s been noted by pundits that they are trying to appeal to younger voters. I do admire their marketing savvy.


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