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Day From Hell

Part of: Random , Rant , Seinfeld-esque , Slice of Life

The other day I was making my breakfast and spilled the last serving of cereal on the floor. When something like this happens you should go back to bed--trust me. Then, less than ten minutes later I spilled 1/2 a bottle of water all over my books and magazines. Again, I was getting annoyed with myself but what could I do?

I spent a couple of hours working on blog entries without incident. I was even doing a decent job ignoring the cat until it went in the vicinity of one of my paychecks and some bills. I leaned over to shoo him away and somehow my laptop fell on the floor face first. I was sitting on the couch so it was a very small fall onto the carpet, but it broke my computer. WTF???

I finally have a borrowed computer and hopefully my computer will be fixed next week. I have to not think about it because it upsets me so much. So, I'll try to post this weekend and will be posting later today. I hope that your week was better than mine.


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