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Je t'aime Pierre Hermé

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[Breakfast: favorite egg-white scramble from Toast. iced passion fruit tea.]


Coming back from France always makes me depressed, the main reason being that the food is so much better there. I met a shop girl in Paris who had spent the last 5 years in LA for school. She said that she missed everything about LA except for the food. The only food that I missed while traveling was sushi and Mexican food. One thing positive, is that I’ll never have to eat another macaron in the States again. I tried some from Pierre Hermé in Paris that were the best I’ve ever had (their croissant was also amazing). The middle parts of the macarons were so creamy and the complexity of flavors so unusual that I knew for certain I’d never be able to eat a regular macaron again unless it was in France. I didn’t even make it to Ladurée this time for my favorite caramel fleur de sel and raspberry macarons. Unfortunately, I wasted a precious breakfast at Angelina, which was not good this time. The omelets were overcooked and the pistachio/strawberry millefeille that we shared tasted like it was artificially flavored. They must have a new pastry chef. Even the croissant was stale. I would suggest only going there for their hot chocolate and their Mont Blanc if that is your thing. Seriously consider dropping by Pierre Hermé first.

Pierre Hermé
72, Rue Bonaparte, Paris - +33 1 43 25 28 17
(go early if possible. Doors open @ 10 am)

If you live in certain countries, you can order some of the macarons from the Pierre Hermé website.
There is a book by Pierre Hermé called Macaron.
Click here for some pictures that really do the macarons justice and for a funny ode to Pierre Hermé.
Pierre Hermé the man, insight and a look at his house on the killer design blog.


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I think I want to be Pierre Hermé.

I adore Paris, and have loved reading your blog!

When I was in Paris last december I have had many macarons. They are gorgeous and so delicate, and went to Laduree in London and bought some there too. I was amazed at the beautiful flavours, colours and sizes of them.
Angelina is good for hot chocolat.

I must read that book by Pierre Herme, looks divine.

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