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Ethics and Politics

Part of: Politics

Listening to NPR's Day to Day today proved to make me emotional, as usual. The ethical question was brought up: should a doctor in Israel give equal amount of medical attention to a Palestinian suicide bomber as his victims?

The doctor, in every situation the interviewer proposed, said a human being is a human being, and that we all deserve to live.(I am not quoting him ad nauseum.)

Ethically this is the correct POV. I always have to wonder, though, if this man would feel the same about someone who killed his family and friends. Would he still work as hard to save that murderers’ life? I would think not, because he is human as well.

I have heard parents say they would want to kill their child’s murderer, if God forbid that happened. I used to always disagree with that logic right away, but I don’t have children. When I was older, I realized that I would possibly feel the same way. Having one of your children murdered would probably be the worst violation imaginable.

How would you deal with either situation?


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