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Suede with your electricity?

Part of: NYC

Disclaimer: I am still on my anorexic fast (My stomach is messed up). Let's see how well I can write. It appears there is a village of people in my stomach that are having a nuclear war.

No Power?

Just the other day I was thinking about getting some fabulous job and moving back to NYC. I get sick of reading about all the cool bars, stores, people, etc. (Okay, watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy provoked this.) Yes, I know the clothes are so much better in NYC. Oh, the bars are like museums compared to LA bars. I don't drink all that much (but did in NYC!). However, I'd like the option to go to an architecturally friendly bar and have 3 vodka sodas if I desired. At a party the other night, a guy said, "But the bars in NYC close at 2AM!" He was very confused. Um, the bars in LA close at 2AM-- if you are lucky. Bars in NYC close at 4AM. Yesterday afternoon watching people swarming in the traffic lanes of NYC during the power outage made me thankful I was in LA. Maybe I will stay in LA this year for Thanksgiving with my family. Last year, I spent it with my surrogate sister in NYC. Gourmet food and an intimate gathering at her groovy Union Square apartment was fun and not very stressful.

Of course, it would be fun to be partying in NYC all day today for the 'Snow Day.'


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