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Sex Scenes

Part of: Hollywood

I know some of you (?) are wondering when my next column will run. (I still haven't officially taken this public, so not many outside of JS, besides LAOberved have links to me.) Well, I have been sick and haven't had my full mental capacities available. Hopefully, in the next two weeks I'll be able to produce more.

During the week (a few weeks back) my brain was revving up, and I worked on a script polish for a producer. It was only supposed to be for character development and a dialogue polish, but I had story changes, too.

Today I was thinking about the scenes I changed the most. I realized they were all sexual in nature. No one is naked and sex is not implied, but-- trust me--they were sexual. The producer was really into my changes, too.

A few sex starved/nymphos? recently gave me unsolicited advice, "you need to put more sex in your columns." Whoa, I am no Jackie Collins. Maybe these few folks(all over 40)want for "Tiffany" and "Kate" to actually talk about their exploitations a la "Sex and the City."

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