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Law and Order continued...

Part of: Seinfeld-esque , Slice of Life

There was a knock at our door. The other attorney was ready for us. C went to the bathroom, and I introduced myself to the enemy, H. H was a black man, too. However, he was overweight with a very round face and unflattering glasses. H had a boring white man's name which suited him. C definitely won in the looks department. I also got the vibe that H was generally indolent.

There was a large black Coach handbag on the table. Back, C asked if it were mine. If I still had my lawyer boyfriend, it would be.

I shook my head no. It belonged to the court reporter. CR was wearing a black patterned slip dress, which I deemed a bit too sexy. The V-neck’s black lace was pushing it. CR had on heels and a black blazer. An image of unattractive lecherous lawyers went through my head. I was a breath of fresh grass. Everyone else blended in, with shades of gray and black. Another stereotype turned truism

“How fast do you type?” I asked.

“220, but for this job I use shorthand. It’s not that difficult,” she said politely.

I liked this chick. I felt more comfortable with her in the room.

H got on my nerves. He wasn’t super-organized. After a round of some questions, he flipped through the interrogatories to search for more questions. Boring….

Two hours later (due to slothful H) I finally saw sunlight.

Charming C confided, “I didn’t like that attorney. He rubbed me the wrong way.”

The best part was when C said, “I object...relevance?”

That was the big Law and Order moment.

C went on calmly, “H was going along the fraud route, which means we will probably go to trial.”

“Oh, that’s why I didn’t understand those questions!” I really was an innocent.

C smiled, “Well, it’s been a pleasure as usual.”

“Thanks C!” I waved.

At my car, I had a ticket for parking just over 2 hours. I was pissed. I am going to fight it.

I drove home and slummed it with “Coffee Heath Bar Crunch” Ben and Jerry’s. The rest of the day was lovely. I celebrated my friend’s birthday and went for a 2 hour beach walk with another friend.


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