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Body Parts

Part of: Hollywood

Breakfast: cottage cheese and fruit

I saw a documentary a while back called, “Whole.” It was about people who had an overwhelming desire to have their legs amputated. None of them were women. It does sound horrifying and was to watch. What I learned from watching it:

--Having a sexual fetish for amputees is no longer so disturbing. Wanting to amputate your legs is.
--I can rent “Crash” and breeze through it now
--Some wives really do take their vows seriously-- to a level I have never dreamed of.
--It is possible to find a wife who will help you freeze your leg, so your local hospital will cut if off.
--I think there was a reason why there weren’t any women amputees. Their husbands would not take their vows so seriously.
--Plastic surgery seems completely sane to me now
--Very intelligent people do things like shoot and drill holes in their legs
--Landlords can be kind and understanding, even after witnessing a grotesque self-mutilation.
--Amputees deserve to have their legs cut off if they want. It is prejudiced to make them suffer and not realize their life dreams.


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