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Sunday's Deep Thoughts

Part of: Slice of Life

Breakfast: blueberry bagel with cream cheese and apple juice.

I was considering seeing a movie Thursday and bought myself almost five-dollars worth of gummy cola bottles. Yes, they were a rip-off. I’m not usually into gross candy, but cola bottles have some kind of nostalgic hold on me. They are so difficult to find. I got mine at The Sweet Factory in The Santa Monica Place. I ended up not seeing a movie, yet ate my whole bag in one sitting. The chewy texture of the bottles is quite satisfying. Does anyone else like them? Haribou gummy cherries are also good.

In other news: I’ve cut myself three times in the last two-weeks slicing bagels. I need to get one of those bagel boxes (trainers for people who are bad with serrated knives, like me.) My mother saw me cutting a bagel at her house a few months ago and warned me to be careful. I didn’t cut myself then, but you know how it is when your parents warn you about something (no matter how old you are) and they end up being right—it’s annoying.

Fashion is fashion: Last week I was talking with a married guy friend, T. I was going to a party and he asked me if I was going to wear jeans and heels. No, I was going to wear my nicely cut brown cords, boots and a feminine top. T thinks women should wear skirts more often, because they look hot in them. I wanted to wear my chocolate brown asymmetrical skirt, but didn’t have the right boots to wear with it, I explained to him. Skirts are tricky to wear in the cold. I’ve been trying to think of the skirt equivalent for men.

10 Random Things I Love:

My Blue Cult Jeans (best fitting jeans on me)
Kiehl’s lip balm
Fake fireplace in my cozy apartment
Cupcakes with butter cream frosting
Free movies
Going out for breakfast
My two green Caesar Palace pens I stole from my suite
Going for Sunday drives in sporty cars
My chenille throw

[I'm figuring out HTML things without bothering Lou. Cool, eh? Thanks to the three people who inspired me to start my blog: Luke Ford, Marc Weisblott, and Cecile DuBois]


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