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Whoa Mexico

Part of: Politics

Breakfast: Nature's Choice oat's 'n honey granolas bar

One day, this past summer, I was driving down the loathsome California Street. I hate California St— it’s filled with old people who have issues with the four way stops and drive beyond slowly. Maybe they feel safer going down a street with lots of stop signs instead of traffic signals.

Anyway, amidst my irritation, I spied a white guy with a leaf blower. I also hate leaf blowers for the obvious reasons—noise and pollution. I slowed down and took another look to make sure. Yep, definitely a white guy—early twenties with a beard. It was the first time I had seen a white gardener in years.

A week later, I was on my morning walk and passed him. We exchanged glances and I sensed he was wondering if I was judging him for being white. I wanted to ask him if it was weird being a white gardener. Did the Mexican and Guatemalan gardeners give him dirty looks or beat him up? Did he charge their same rate? Did he really work as hard as them?

One of the positive arguments for the large Mexican and Central American illegal immigration is that they do jobs white people don’t want to do, and for less money. (I was once kicked out of a nanny job for a Mexican woman who charged less.) Plus, Americans haven’t been popping out the little ones. We will soon have a population with mostly older people. People won’t have kids at home to do chores like mowing the lawn or watering the plants. We’ll need more cheap labor, because Social Security will be a thing of the past. Maybe we should scale back on all that war stuff.


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