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I feel like it is fate that is making me email you. I
have been trying to figure out for the past
month--ever since I heard that such a job exists--how
to become a script reader. Sad, huh? I haven't found
any useful information on the job until your article,
which I found through Google, and the article was
actually published today. Well, I just read the
article (very funny, by the way) and I find myself
perversely attracted to the gig. Maybe that is
because I am unemployed and it is sounds as though
script reading is like being unemployed, where I can
do anything I want all day (which I absolutely love
and will miss desperately if I acidentally get a real
job), but with a paycheck--however menial.
Well, I wanted to know if you might be able to give me
some tips on how to land this job: where to look, etc.
I have a solid reading and writing background
(American Lit grad from USC) so I'm sure I could do
this job. Anyways, if you give me some good info I'll
give you ten percent of my script reading earnings. I
swear. You have it here in writing. So if you don't
succumb to my blatant flattery, I hope you are



I sent R an e-mail with some good advice. Again, if anyone wants a copy of my expanded "How to Become a Hollywood Script Reader Advice" you can donate ten bucks on my paypal donation button and I'll send it to you. I also write killer creative cover letters and dating site profiles for a nominal fee.

thanks for all the help, the check is in the mail.

Yeah, but you don't have my address.


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