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NYC Cool Celeb Sightings

Part of: Gossip , NYC

*[please note that everything on this site is copyrighted and can only be used with my permission. Any celeb stuff I print is from my own sources and does not come from anything published online or off]*

1/5--Holly Hunter all in black (looking very posh) walking her black dog on 5th Ave. btw. 11th and 12th.

1/3--A woman who looked immensely sad with red eyes, pregnant coming out of a place in the village. Ashmi and I were very sad to note is was Mary Louise Parker. This brilliant actress (West Wing, Angels in America etc.) was recently left (after she became pregnant) by her boyfriend (Billy Crudup) of 7 years, allegedly for Claire Danes. You know how I don't use the f-word often. Fuck you, Mr.Crudup.

1/2-Janeane Garofalo walking her two dogs on west 4th and Broadway. Garofalo looked decidedly girly wearing a pink ski hat with her short platinum hair in a ponytail and multicolor black glasses. Who ever said she looked butch? She's also tiny and curvy--how sexy.


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