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Ten Reasons to Watch "Arrested Development"

Part of: Television

Breakfast: nothing

The cast is perfect. The writing is quirky. The show is not a sitcom. I love it and so does Franklin Avenue

1. The matriarch, Lucile, has a heavily lined face AKA wrinkles.
1a. Can you say Mommie Dearest?
2. Gob sleeps with a transvestite to spite his brother
3. Lindsay is hot, a fashionist, and just got a fab haircut. She looks great with bangs.
4. The family owns a banana stand on Balboa Island.
5. Buster is a scholar of everything archaic.
6. Liza Minnelli was the best guest star ever
7. George-Michael is in love with his first cousin, Maeby.
8. George Sr. is having the time of his life in jail
9. Part of the family live in a model home
10. Michael actually tries to keep his dysfunctional family functional. Someone is co-dependent.

The next show is on Wednesday 9:30 p.m. (PST) on Fox. It's regular time is 9:30 p.m. on Sunday nights after another one of my favorite shows "Malcolm in the Middle."

*Mike (a TV writer at Variety) from Franklin Avenue's list (he filled in some I didn't have room for and more):

1. Watch tonight's episode, when Henry Winkler enters the bathroom to comb his hair. You'll die laughing.

2. The "Hot Cops" Michael employs to teach his son a lesson in one episode...

3. ... and the one-armed man George Sr. employs to teach Michael a lesson about teaching lessons

4. Buster's solution when threatened: Fall to the ground and curl up in a ball.

5. Gob blackballed out of the magicians' society.

6. George Sr. trying to decide which prison gang to pledge -- the Haitians put in an awfully good bid.

7. Gob and Michael trying to figure out who this "Hermano" is that Gob's telenovela star girlfriend is cheating with.

8. Buster's Oedipal relationship with his mother.

9. David Cross!

10. The "on the next Arrested Development" teases, which actually have nothing to do with the next episode of "Arrested Development."


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