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Vince Vaughn Needs a Happy Pill

Part of: Gossip , Hollywood


Breakfast: Eggs Benedict and a Mimosa from Asia de Cuba--excellent

Pre-Breakfast: I wish I could have one of these.

I was talking to an older film production guy I know(instead of a snarky young one) today. He's worked nonstop for years. I like to get his opinions on famous people, because I think he's pretty accurate. Currently he's working on The Wedding Crashers starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

OFPG on Vince Vaughn: "He's a jerk and an idiot. Everyone thinks he's difficult."

Tiffany: "Maybe he's on drugs."

OFPG: "He's definitely a hard partier."

Tiffany: "I'm surprised he's acting like such a diva. What was the last film he was in?"

OFPG: "He's just come off of one."

Tiffany: "Well, maybe he should be a little more thankful that he's working. What about Owen Wilson?"

OFPG:"He's a nice guy. Everyone likes him."


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