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Dialogue Du La Semaine

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Breakfast: Blueberry Scone and an Iced Coffee from Peet's Coffee.

Today in line at Farmers’ Market in Santa Monica, a guy was there with what I presume was his assistant. She was picking up some baked goods and asked him if he wanted anything.

“No, I’ve got my wine.” He was holding a travel coffee mug.

I looked him up and down and was 95% sure he worked in film. He was wearing Oliver Peoples glasses and had on a breezy linen/cotton So Cal outfit. Instead of saying, “Are you an alcoholic?” I said, “Are you on vacation?”

He laughed, “Am I on vacation? No, my office is on 4th Street.”

“I take vacation days during the week sometimes,” I admitted.

There wasn’t enough time to explain what I meant. “Have a good time drinking your wine,” I said, after paying for my scone.

“Hey, keep it down---you know the Santa Monica police….”

FYI: I watched “60 Minutes” Sunday night and cried. Then I watched last week’s “The O.C.” season finale and cried. The show had to end with Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Jeff Buckley is one of my favorite singer/songwriters, and he died a mysterious death at a young age. I mean, why couldn’t they have ended the show with Rufus Wainwright’s version? He’s alive and gay.

FYYI: Dieseltangerine has written about the junior high school Journalspace drama--of course, she has instigated this particular incident. I like JS because it's a community--I even have a separate JS url. However, some of the junior high school antics that go on here are annoying.

*FYII: I won't be returning e-mails until Tuesday. I am on holiday. I'm not sure when I will be posting next--you never know.


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