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That TV Show is so Funny, it's Almost Scary

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The title of this post was actually something that journalist James Verini said to me when I was gushing about how much I love Arrested Development.

From Franklin Avenue's Michael Schneider:

Maria and I raced over to the Wadsworth Theater on Friday evening to catch a live table read and panel discussion with the cast of "Arrested Development" (except David Cross, who was unavailable). The cast recited the pilot episode, which we've already seen several times -- but it felt completely fresh watching the actors recite it up on stage.

"Inside the Actors' Studio" host James Lipton was the moderator, and he was... goofy, as expected. Here's what I wrote about the event for Variety:

When it comes to coining new, horribly explicit expletives, “Arrested Development’s” Will Arnett is a pro.

Arnett, who plays hapless magician (sorry, illusionist) Gob Bluth on the critically acclaimed Fox laffer, drew big laughs as he came up with the phrase – unprintable just about anywhere – on stage Friday night during a live table read and Q&A session with the show’s cast and crew at the Wadsworth Theater.

“Inside the Actors Studio’s” James Lipton – who has guested on the show – read Ron Howard’s narration, while exec producer Mitch Hurwitz provided stage direction as the show’s stars (including Jason Bateman, Jeffrey Tambour and Portia de Rossi) recreated the Emmy-nommed “Arrested’s” pilot.

Afterward, Lipton – who has almost become a parody of himself – couldn’t resist asking the cast his “Actors Studio” questionnaire, including the classic ask, “What is your favorite curse word?”

Several thesps didn’t disappoint, but Arnett brought down the house. (Sorry, we can’t repeat it here. Use your imagination.) The “Arrested Development” pack were then embarrassed a moment later when Lipton opened up the house for questions – and a little girl stepped forward to the microphone.

Following the Wadsworth event (which included a frozen banana stand – a nod to one of “Arrested’s” Bluth family businesses), cast and crew reconvened at the Pacific Palisades estate of Imagine’s Brian Grazer, who feted “Arrested’s” seven and “24’s” eight Emmy nominations.

Checking out Grazer’s pad were Imagine TV’s David Nevins; 20th Century Fox TV’s Gary Newman and Dana Walden; Fox’s Gail Berman; “24” stars Keifer Sutherland and Dennis Haysbert.

That's right -- we couldn't pass up a chance at gawking at the House That Imagine Built. And it didn't disappoint. I suspect Grazer hasn't even seen certain wings of his own house. His outdoor deck (where the party took place) could easily fit 12 of our own home. Whatta life.

Tiffany speaks:

I am so jealous, and I'm never jealous! I wish Fox would show me some love. I know I'm not the TV writer for Variety, but I've written about how much I love "Arrested Development" numerous times here. Click here for an earlier post from B.A.T where Michael and I say why we love "Arrested Development" so much. The L.A. Times had a good piece in last Sunday's Calender section about the show.


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