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Paris Hilton is a Stoner...

Part of: Gossip , Paris Hilton

...and other BAT mail

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with swiss cheese on a toasted pumpernickel bagel from Bagel Nosh.

A writes:

"the fact that you've spent so many hours analyzing Paris is funny. I accidentally stumbled on your pathetic website and, sadly, read the whole Paris article/ I live in LA, and Paris is one of my friends. She is one of the nicest, most caring person that I know here. She actually smokes bud FYI, almost daily. Ones public image isn't equal to true identity. I suggest that you chill out, and not be so critical. get over it. those of us It hot LA girls are always going to be in the public eye, b/c we are fashionable, cute, sexy, flirty,fun, and hot. sorry"

Kathy writes:

"Love the blog---what a grand writer you are! I'm a casual friend of Barry Josephson so have especially enjoyed the few entries surrounding him (laugh-out-loud funny!), and was introduced to your blog from a mutual friend {of Barry's} because of those entries. It's obvious writing is your passion---I love that you are doing what you seem to be destined! I recently just followed my own passion by leaving a VERY corporate environment to follow a life-long dream. (Stop in for a martini or vino anytime...169 S Fairfax/across from The Grove/Farmers Market) I know this is off the wall, and before you roll your eyes I know you aren't the on-line 411, but in your circle are there any publicists with whom you've worked or know that you'd recommend? I'm looking for someone hungry and not on the A-list of PR (thus charging an arm and a leg).{Isn't it odd that people feel they "know you" and thus "trust your rec's" because they read your daily thoughts? Bizarre, yes, but hell, if you don't ask, you don't get. And I'm desparate to get.}Thanks in advance, and if I don't hear back from you, please just know that your entries, while I may not read them daily, are an entertaining respite from life's craziness."

Greg Howard writes:

"I got a little choked up when I read this on imdb. I know you and Chris will be very happy together. And I'll be very happy with Heather."

Heather Graham in Love Split

Boogie Nights beauty Heather Graham is a single woman once again after parting ways with her producer beau Chris Weitz. The couple, who dated for more than two years, remain close, despite their romantic meltdown. Graham tells Star magazine, "We're actually just friends. We broke up a little bit ago." While pals say the pair's relationship dissolved in September, Graham still insisted on attending a October 24 fundraiser for the International Foundation For Terror Act Victims, which is close to Weitz's heart. She adds, "When he called me about this event, I was happy to do it with him."

Carlos writes:

"Just wanted to drop you a line. I really like your blog. I get a kick out of the comings and goings in L.A. Born and raised in L.A. County, I never really went into the City. So, it's interesting to hear about what happens in L.A. But, what prompted this email was that I attended the Austin Film Festival last week and there was a woman who looked exactly like you (I saw your picture on your site) at one of the RoundTable meetings with producers. If it was you, I apologize for staring. Luckily, I caught myself before it got too obvious. I was trying to figure out if it was you or not. At the same time trying to remember what your picture looked like. If it wasn't you -- You had a Doppelganger in Austin. Thanks for the continued insight of life in L.A. (it sounds just as screwed up as it does here in San Francisco)."

Fan #1001 writes:

"You're beautiful. Someone wrote you a very critical, bitchy email about your looks and personality. Which you handled nicely. Ironically, I'd just clicked on your picture and thought how pretty you are and how I like looking at your picture every few months. LA has such an aware, critical edge, doesn't it? Are the most creative people so .... critical/judgmental?"


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