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Breakfast with Heimlich

Part of: LA

[Breakfast: pumpkin cheesecake]

I was sad on Sunday that DK and I had lazed around too long to get brunch. I couldn’t think of anywhere that I wanted to get a snack--as my blood sugar plummeted, my mood did as well. It didn’t help that it was the gloomiest day ever. Amazingly DK came up with the perfect suggestion: tea. I love it when that happens. DK and I used to have tea every week, but have slacked off lately. (Actually last weekend we had tea in Ojai.) So I talked DK into driving us to a new tea locale that he had never been before.

Paddington’s on Robertson is a petite restaurant/tea shop. No, there aren’t teddy bears everywhere—just tea paraphernalia. (Ah, that word makes me think of drugs. I wonder if there was ever a 'special' English tea?) I had recently sampled a scone and wanted for DK to try one. Paddington’s unique scone recipe is from Devonshire—the same place that the famous cream is from, and it’s unlike any scone you’ve ever had. The best thing is that they serve them piping hot from the oven.

DK wasn’t too pleased with the service at first. We had to wait quite a while to place our order. There was only one waiter manning the tables and a lady behind the counter who was magnetized to that one area. Two girls came in while we were still waiting to order and were promptly served to-go items from the counter woman. But they were interesting from our perspective. Blondie #1 one was wearing gigantic black designer glasses. Blondie #2 had her white glasses perched on her head. They had to be Eurotrash. Blondie #2 was acting like she owned the world. Blondie #1 pointed to a display case with tiny teapots.

"I love that!"

Blondie #1 took off her glasses to get a closer look. Now I understood why she was wearing them.

"Oh, I’ll totally buy you that no matter how much it is, " said Blondie #2

"I’m not sure that it’s for sale," Blondie #1 pondered.

"This is LA- everything is for sale," Blondie #2 said in her loud whiny voice.

"Yeah, like what’s underneath your underwear," DK whispered in my ear.

I seriously choked on my tea (PG Tips). DK administered the Heimlich Maneuver and everything was alright in the world again.


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