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Jessica Alba is Fat--Part 2

Part of: Gossip , Jessica Alba

[Breakfast: pumpkin pie]

Hello Ms. Stone,

When I found your blog, I thought you were an interesting, honest, rather funny person. Yet I found your remarks on Jessica Alba to be quite harsh. This may be due to the fact that I think she's a good actress myself, but I don't think so....

...In the most recent writing on her, obviously, you made fun of her saying she didn't like wearing a bikini everyday. Okay, while the quote you found did seem a bit ridiculous, what girl does like wearing a bikini? And for Hollywood, isn't Alba kind of curvy? It really wouldn't surprise me if she's considered "on the heavy side" in that cinematic cesspool. Of course she's going to be a bit self-conscious. She might even struggle with an eating disorder (God knows everyone else seems to be these days)...

Yeah, I totally agree with you. Alba obviously hates wearing bikinis--especially revealing ones. She should definitely call Weight Watchers and plead to be the next celebrity endorser. Watch out Kirstie Alley!


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