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Tea and Sympathy

Part of: LA , Television

[Breakfast: pumpkin pie]

Walking quickly through Whole Foods market, I almost ran into Jeffrey Tambor. Omigod—it’s Jeffrey Tambor from Arrested Development! I peered into his cart trying to figure out what to say when I noticed that his cart was full of Honest Tea in Moroccan Mint—my favorite flavor. He better not have bought them all. Wait, that’s funny that he only has tea in his cart. He’s obviously not married*—that’s too bad. I wonder if he’s more like the character he plays on "Arrested Development" or like his character’s twin brother that he also plays on the show. The tea and his choice of grocery stores would suggest the twin brother. Now he’s smiling at me and I’m smiling back, because as usual, anything I think of to say I veto because how embarrassing is it to tell a celebrity that you like their work. Now we’re past each other and I know I should’ve said something because I’m sure fans don’t accost Jeffrey Tambor every second of the day. Maybe I would have made his day—you never know. I’ve found my precious tea and there’s only one left—WTF? Damn that Jeffrey Tambor.

*He is married.


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