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--"It" Hollywood chick, Jill Soloway, has a blog, so check it out if you haven't already.

--Nick Lachey wants spousal support and his bling back. He totally deserves support for putting up with I-can’t-wipe-my-own-ass Jessica Simpson, but his bling back? Dude, that’s tacky. [My Way]

--The think tank, Rand, has issued a third warning that the crowded public areas at LAX are eye candy for terrorists. Come on people! Flying out of LAX is so over. Try the Long Beach Airport home of Jet Blue, or Burbank Airport where Eva Longoria was snapped leaving last week. [LA Observed]

--If you wear heels higher than 5 inches, you care too much about looking like a Barbie doll. BTW: You’re also putting your fertility at risk and might have killer cramps because of it. [Female First]

--George Clooney is not buddy, buddy with Brangelina and hasn’t offered to host their wedding. Duh!!! He and Brad are only ‘showbiz friends,’ not ‘friend, friends.‘ He is into charity though, and will reportedly give 85% of the profits from his future Vegas hotel and casino to Africa. Hmm…sounds like he’s trying to buddy up to Angelina. [Digital Spy]

--Isaac Mizrahi will be on the red carpet for the Oscars and won’t be toning down his act like Kathy Griffin had to back in the day. Stay tuned for Isaac being snubbed by certain A-listers. Maybe someone will throw a horse sperm pie at him. [Yahoo!]

--French actress Eva Green is the new Bond girl. She was in that boring movie "The Dreamers" that none of you saw. You should rent it if you want to see her naked.


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