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--Coyotes in Malibu must be starving. They hungrily eyed Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson on a recent location shoot for “The O.C.” J/K. They were eating the girls’ leftovers, because those girls have no meat on them. Duh! Mischa should drink some of that milk that she’s promoting. [3 am]

--If you’re not watching British import “Dr. Who” on the Sci-Fi channel you’re seriously a loser. Time travel rocks and the shows female lead, Billie Piper, swears that she’s going to the next and first female Time Lord. Right now she just plays the sidekick. [Female First]

--I would personally be creeped out if a guy got multiple tatts of me including a portrait on his shoulder, but Tori Spelling went out and married the guy in Fiji. I guess that’s an actress’ wet dream. [People]

--Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards had surgery on his head to relieve pressure from a fall in Fiji. The fall happened after he caught sight of Tori Spelling and thought that she was a life-sized Bobble Head doll. [TMZ]

--I’m starting to think that magician David Blaine has a death wish. He must have had a bad childhood. His latest water stunt resulted in liver damage, pins and needles in his feet and hands, some loss of sensation and rashes. [my way]

--Britney Spears still hasn't officially anounced that she's pregnant, but she totally is. All I care about is that she's dressing better. [Image via People]


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