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Part of: Gossip , Mischa Barton , Nicole Richie

A reader writes:

Hi there,

I really like your site....I have breakfast with it all the time : ) I just heard a rumor...Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were killed in a helicopter crash...rumor has it that CNN received it on the news wire but didn't publish it. Can you find out??

Hmm...I don't think that CNN would ignore that info, so I'd say that it's untrue.Speaking of rumors, I was talking to one of my sources a day or two before the news broke that Nicole Richie and DJ AM were dating again. The source said that they were together, but I assumed that it was old news. These two seem to get together again every couple of months (last broke up around 5/23) for the press. I mean, the paparazzi can only take so many pictures of Nicole alone before we all get bored with her. Nicole is a savvy business woman or has a good publicist. When Adam wasn't available, she went out with Mischa Barton and held her new puppy. Tres smart.

Hollywood 101--Wannabe starlets take note. Get photographed with starlets or singers more famous than you are in real life or on the red carpet/at parties.

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