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Stars in Black & White

Part of: Fashion , Gossip

Black and white is a classic fashion combination that not everyone can pull off. Mandy Moore and Carmen Electra look girly and pretty in these pictures. How Carmen can pull off polka dots and a dress that no one over 20 should be wearing is beyond me. Maybe you have some ideas. (BTW, that picture was taken on the set of a Joan Jett music video in NYC.) The real question is whether Carmen slept with Joan to get that gig or if a kiss was enough. Below we have Avril Lavigne trying out her old skater girl look, but she's forgotten how to dress her age. I think she was having a fat day and it warped her fashion sense. And what to say about Paula Abdul? She looks like a tourist who went to a rave, took some ecstacy and then went to Hollywood Blvd. Follow the yellow gold brick road Dorothy Paula.

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