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Brangelina and Maddox do Lunch

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I’ve been seriously jonesing for a picture of Angelina, Brangelina or any Angelina configuration. Just today I was sitting having tea in a serene garden when I seriously got pissed off thinking about how long it’s been since Angelina had been photographed. Sure Brad has been photographed a few times riding or standing by his motorcycle, but that didn’t give me a fix. Obviously, Angelina didn’t want to get papped (that’s English for having your picture taken by the paparazzi) until she got rid of her baby fat. These pictures of her back to her undernourished self prove that.

It’s nice that...

...Brangelina and Maddox took time out for a family lunch at one of Britney Spears' favorite Malibu restaurants. Not a bad place for Maddox’s after school snack.

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