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Oprah and Stedman are Bi

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[Breakfast: 1/4 of a club wrap w/ turkey bacon]

I’m not saying that Oprah is gay or anything. However, I was up in Ojai Sunday and met another person that had a Stedman sighting without Oprah. This person was a stranger and racist, so maybe their sighting shouldn’t count. The person also told me how they saw Salma Hayek at that very restaurant that DK and I were sitting in. She said, “Selma’s hair was in a single braid down her back just like the ‘illegals’ when they first get here, until they acclimate.” I think she meant assimilate. I wish I had thought of a sarky comeback.

The other Stedman sighting occurred... Africa at a very fancy hotel where people stay and go on safari. Some friends of mine went there awhile back and only saw Stedman with what looked like a group of his friends. Interesting, considering that Oprah went on safari many months ago. Maybe they couldn’t match their schedules up or Stedman loved Africa so much that he went a second time with his buddies. I mean, Steadman has a life too and doesn’t need to follow Oprah around like a puppy dog. Or maybe they have an open relationship because they’re both bisexual. That’s the most logical answer.

When I went to find a picture of the two, I only found like 4 pictures—two of them from years ago. Obviously Oprah is very concerned about the gay rumors because she’s come out twice now to say that she’s definitely not gay and has never been more than friends with Gayle King. Thank God that Oprah made sure to get photographed with Stedman at a charity function over the weekend. Case closed.

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