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I See Stars

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[Breakfast: a hard boiled egg and green tea]

DK and I were walking on the Venice boardwalk on Saturday--which I do not recommend—after eating a horrible breakfast at Café Buna in Marina Del Rey. I had coffee grounds in my cup of tea and a tasteless scramble. DK had to send back his greasy chorizo scramble because it had a hair in it. Then we decided to make things worse by walking on the boardwalk in the middle of the day. However, when we got to the squash courts, I saw a woman with a kid on the court. Right away I recognized Sean Preston wearing a baseball cap. That kid is really one the most adorable children I’ve ever seen. Maybe he’ll even date Shiloh one day. Britney looked like a bit of a mess and her black hair is like a bad wig. She was running around taking pictures of Sean while two tough guys played squash. Brit was wearing a stretchy turquoise skirt and a large black shirt. It’s nice that she got some playtime in with Sean before surprising everyone with her appearance Sunday night at the Teen Choice Awards.

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