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I See Stars

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DK and I ate at Axe for brunch last weekend, as did the fair French actress Julie Delpy with her boyfriend. She must live in Venice. Julie was wearing a summer dress, little makeup, and her hair was in a messy up do--just the sensual look you'd expect of a girlish French actress. In real life, Julie most resembles her character in Before Sunrise. Perhaps the coolest thing about Ms. Delpy was how comfortable she was in her own skin. Her fleshy body was so much sexier than the 'Ana Alert' starlets. She also enjoyed eating her rice bowl with salmon. An actress who eats carbs- OMG.

At the Abbott Kinney Festival yesterday, DK spied Jeremy Piven walking with his bicycle. He was the opposite of incognito. Jeremy was wearing a bright red bandana, a tight white T-shirt and khakis. I bet he tried on a couple of bandanas before deciding on the red one. Jeremy must spend a long time getting ready in the morning. Hopefully, he picks his outfits for the next day the night before. After DK and I had tea and shopped a bit, we ran into The Piv again. This time he was sans bicycle, but was standing with an unattractive indie actress that I can’t recall the name of. Oh, and he was also wearing mirrored sunglasses—I am so not joking. Jeremy was having a long conversation with some older guy who had probably recognized him. The good thing about being famous is that if you’re feeling down and/or insecure and want your ego boosted, it only takes going to a crowded street fair.

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