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Breakfast With Tiffany

Part of: Food , LA

[Brakfast: 1/2 pumpkin pancake with maple syrup and green tea]


Those of you who have been reading BAT for a long time know that I'm obsessed with pumpkin. I've already tried Urth's pumpkin pie this year (pretty good) and Real Food Daily's vegan pumpkin pie (not so good). On the recommendation of a fellow pumpkin obsessed foodie on Chowhound, I brunched at The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood this weekend. I had been there previously, but did not have pancakes--a crime, I know. I've only had homemade pumpkin pancakes, though I may have had the ones at Hugo's (pre-food poisoning incident). It really doesn't matter since I've found the best pumpkin pancakes around. The guy on the street who passed by The Griddle Café and remarked to the line of people, “Why are you waiting to eat at this dump?” wouldn’t have asked that question had he eaten there before.

Not having ordered pancakes before, I didn't realize that at The Griddle one order consists of three of the biggest pancakes I'd ever seen. I was smart enough to order the real whipped cream on the side, but I left the large dollop of pumpkin pie filling as is. It was deliciously spiced and a perfect accompaniment, though next time I'll order it on the side, too, so I can get more mileage out of it. I wasn't a fan of the whipped cream, but that's because I like it without sugar. I didn’t touch the maple syrup that was on every table because the pancake didn’t need it. However, I’m psyched that I’ve finally found a restaurant that favors real maple syrup over the regular kind.

I only ate half of one pancake, though I also had a side of turkey sausage that was average. The rest I had to go. The thing I’ve found lacking in other pumpkin pancakes is taste. The Griddle’s pumpkin pancakes have the right kind of consistency and have a satisfying pumpkin taste on their own. The real test of a good pancake is if how good it is before adding butter and syrup. The other amazing thing that The Griddle has is homemade bread. They don’t even advertise it, but DK’s muesli toast was definitely freshly homemade.

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I can't stand that place...the tables are too sticky. The whole place is too sticky. Its like someone sprayed every surface with a can of Pam. The food is okay I guess and those pancakes do sound tasty, but...well, no can do for me.

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