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Kate Hudson @ Malibu Shaman

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Kate Hudson enjoyed shopping at Malibu Shaman despite the pesky paparazzi. Wow, she shops like me when I go there.

1. look through books to find some piece of wisdom (that I forget about in an hour)

2. sniff the candles to get high

3. decide that I should really buy a book because I spent an hour browsing and listening to music at the music bar (shown in the first picture)

It's too bad that she couldn't visit one of the the psychics . There's a window without a shade in the room where the psychics do their readings. That would have been the paps money shot. Kate would be on the cover of all the tabloids with captions like, HUDSON SEEKS CLAIRVOYANCE INSTEAD OF COUNSELING!! or DEPRESSED STARLET GOES TO PSYCHIC FOR ADVICE!!!

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