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Mariah's White Christmas(s)

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Mariah Carey is still soo Mariah Carey. She's bold to wear such tight leggings. I don't think anyone looks good with their posterior hanging out of leggings--this look only works for yoga class or the gym. I know that Mariah's weight fluctuates and most of us can relate to that, but she has enough money to buy clothes in different sizes. That jacket doesn't even fit her! I guess when you drink too much of the bubbly stuff ill-fitting clothes are comfortable. Mariah likes having some good old-fashioned fun while in Aspen for the hoidays:

"I like to get out of the hot tub and roll in the snow. Someone told me that was a tradition in Aspen, but maybe they were lying to me. It’s a tradition for us to have Santa Claus-looking bikinis, jump in the hot tub, and roll in the fresh snow." [Source]

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she cracks us aspenites up-- i live in aspen. mariah is ALWAYS busting out of whatever she is pretending to wear for warmth (fur, etc). she is unbuttoned to the navel & slit up to the crotch. it was in the NEGATIVE dregrees when she was visiting.

.......and NO it is not a tradition (here, anyway) to roll in the fresh snow after a hot tub. but if she was brainy enough to do it....

Hey, you girls. It's nearly always the same with ladies. You just won't let one another enjoy yourselves without bitching about someones look. I worked as a nurse in hospitals for years and anytime one of you girls got an advantage you were ripping knives backs. Now I know Mariah Carey is a 'big' fun girl, however, she's not THAT big and certainly still fits those leggings. I now live in conservative Vienna where very few women are prepared to get out from under denim and those who do run the risk of raised eyebrows. Viva courage and carefreeness.

Best regards,

Mick in Wien.

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