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Britney's New M.O.

Part of: Britney , Fugly , Gossip , Hollywood
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Britney seems to think that she can erase her slutty clothes and slutty behavior from our memories if she wears normal clothes every other day. The picture on the left (and pictures below) were taken at the burlesque club 40 Deuce in Hollywood. (I'm surprised that 40 Deuce is still so trendy, but if you come to town and want to have a star sighting you should go there.) Brit got on stage and tried to act like a burlesque dancer. Fortunately for the audience, the manager pulled her off the stage. I think that drinking coca-cola champagne cocktails makes one crazy. What's really sad about all of this behavior is that it makes me think that K-Fed really was Brit's soulmate. Their marriage could have been saved if K-Fed had stopped partying for a few months and waited for Britney instead of letting her get all resentful. Dumb-ass move, Fed-Ex!!!

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