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I See Stars (Hawaii Edition)

Part of: Britney , Gossip , Hollywood , Slice of Life , Travel
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I'm not too keen on spending time scanning the beach and pool area for celebrities while I'm on my own tropical vacation. DK swore that he saw Minnie Driver one day--luckily it was a false sighting. (Who wants to hear Minnie's annoying English accent while trying to relax? I've already run into her countless times in Malibu and she's tres annoying--way too actressy.) However, when I ran into an aquaintance staying at the same hotel as us, I immediatey trained my eyes on Meg Ryan on the beach and her cute teenage son Jake. Meg was wearing a one piece black bikini with long orange shorts in the water and boogie boarding. I started making a snarky comment about her wearing shorts in the water, but then realized that paparazzi are always lurking around. Even Kate Hudson who has a washboard stomach isn't immune to photoshopping and she's in her twenties! There were Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy sightings as well. I might have seen them on the beach, but am not positive. I heard a rumor that Britney Spears was at our hotel, but the press said she was in Kona which made more sense.

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