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Another BAT Favorite

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[Brunch: breakfast burrito and margarita on the rocks from Gilbert's]

herban_essences1.jpg don't know much I love Herban, I'm not having an orgasm over them--don't get them confused with Herbal Essences shampoo. Finally a multi-purpose sanitizer that's good for your health and your mood. Did you know that most hand sanitizers are highly toxic? I picked these up at Flight 001 on W. Third St. and just went back for seconds. They are a bit pricey, but considering all their uses that you can read about here and their purity, it's not too painful. They also make great presents, especially for friends with babies. I first bought them for a trip to London, but now they're a must for whenever I leave the house and for my car. I haven't tried the eucalyptus scent yet, but the mint and lemon are great..and of course my favorite one is lavender.


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great recommendation! i LOVE this brand... i got the fear of flying kit as a gift before leaving for a very long flight/ leaving for my honeymoon and it was fantastic!

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