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Kate Bosworth

Part of: 'Ana' Alert , Gossip , Hollywood , Kate Bosworth

[Breakfast: mini-muffins from Breadworks and green tea.]

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Kate Bosworth i s looking a lot less 'Ana' these days. Now she's morphed into regular Hollywood 'Ana' instead of looking like her body might expire 'Ana'. She clearly works out given her muscular back and legs. Anyway, I'm interested in seeing her new movie 21. The books is probably better, though. I'm not going to comment on Kate's dressed-for-an-outer-space-cocktail- party look. Maybe it's appropriate since she plays a smart nerd (I assume) in this film.

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That is a pretty dress!! she looks great!

She does look better than she used to, but that dress and arm warmers are seriously hideous. It looks like a costume.

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