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Part of: Food , LA

Last week I dined at Osteria Mozza (review to come) and Providence, arguably two of the best restaurants in LA. Providence was disappointing and frankly the gray decor was depressing. It reminded me of an executive dining room much like Cut is reminiscent of a high-end office commissary. There were quite a few business dinners going on and at least one man on a date with a high-class call girl. I easily classified the working girl after I got a glimpse of her trying-too-hard-to-look-classy-but-in-reality sluttish, backless dress. I don’t know why a woman would want to show off an undernourished back with atrophying muscles. Call Girl was constantly going outside for cigarette breaks and/or checking her messages for future dates—the night was young.

I wish the food at Providence had lived up to the hype. I had previewed their menu online and had found several fish entrees that I would be happy to eat. The menu at the restaurant was completely different, which I know is always possible. What are the odds that there wouldn’t be a single fish that I found succulent? I got the tuna tartare for my starter and a double order of the lobster and scallop ravioli--that would be two ravioli--for my main. I was looking forward to having Alaskan Halibut, Pacific Lobster or Salmon for my main. Oh, well. At least I had a really lovely glass of a white Rousse that was recommended by the sommelier. The amuse bouche was solid, but not mind-blowing. There were three mini ones on a single plate: a goat cheese one, something in a spoon, and a cauliflower consume.

The tuna tartare was OK, though DK really liked it. It came with a couple of slices of brioche, which was a nice touch. The ravioli were good; they were overflowing with tasty lobster and scallops and topped off with some spring vegetables I can’t remember the sauce, but it was very light. It’s hard to review a restaurant without having a main. I did try DK’s duck. It wasn’t good enough for me to order. The best duck I’ve ever had was from Liberty farms in New York via Mix in Las Vegas, so I’d suggest getting that anytime you see if on the menu if you love duck. The food at Providence was good for LA, but only average for a fine dining restaurant. I did adore the milk chocolate-whiskey panna cotta dessert with Bailey’s ice cream. The post-dessert consisted of mushroom caramels (luckily, they didn’t taste like mushrooms), bland passion fruit macaroons and forgettable jelly fruit squares dipped in sugar.

P.S. Does Providence employ any women?


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Did you know that if you request to sit at the "worst table" they give you a 10% discount for sitting there, but if you just get seated there by the hostess without asking, no dice.

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