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Cannes—Part Trois

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[Breakfast:: an almond croissant and creme cafe (latte)]

The last couple of days were beautiful. I just missed Brangelina at the Hotel Du Cap. They had a room there as well as the alleged mansion in St. Jean Cap that belongs to Paul Allen. A male acquaintance who had seen Brangie earlier, marveled at how skinny Angelina was all over except for her belly. I did meet Andy Garcia at the Hotel Du Cap. He had just gotten back from playing at a Chopard party with his band. Chopard has black tie parties every night in Cannes. Selma Hayek was at their party that night. It gets annoying that so many events in Cannes are black tie. I didn’t end up going to the Atom Egoyan premiere, because I didn’t have a good seat and didn’t want to have to dress up black tie for a bad seat and no after party.

Just as I was about to O.D. on Cannes, we got invited to Saint Tropez by a billionaire. Instead of having to drive the windy road there, we were picked up by his yacht. He wined and dined us at the most exclusive restaurant on the beach near the main village of Saint Tropez called Club 55. On the way to Saint Tropez his crew had set out a basket of pastries and fruit. My favorite fruit here are the bright red cherries-- you know the ones that are always used in pictures and on clothing and bags? They have a sweeter taste than the purple/red cherries, though those are available as well. The wild strawberries are luscious as well. I don’t know anywhere where you can buy them in the US—I think the only way to get them is if you grow them yourself.

We first spent some time in Saint Tropez proper before meeting said billionaire back on his yacht and going to lunch by boat. Life could be worse. I bought a really gorgeous hand embroidered purse from Italy at the small store on the beach. The two best parts about France---shopping and eating. I’ll write a post later about my favorite restaurants and patisseries. Every time I walk past a patisserie, I have to look in the window and/or go in the store. It’s a serious affliction.


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