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Holiday Weekend Giveaway

Part of:

Nicole Paxson, heiress to the Home Shopping Network fortune would seem to have a perfect life right? Money can buy anything. However, when Nicole was 12 years old she came down with Lupus which made her extremely self-conscious due to the “red-butterfly” rash on her face among its other symptoms. This has inspired her new full-coverage makeup line that is the perfect product to cover scars, acne, spider veins, discoloration and stretch marks.

It’s also water resistant, which is super-cool. I tried the foundation and it did not want to come off when I washed my face. You could wear it in the ocean or in a pool. My favorite product is the crème to powder foundation. I tested it in Las Vegas and it didn’t make my face dry like my Chanel crème to powder foundation. The skin pudding is the best coverage for marks and scars on your body that you want covered when wearing revealing clothes or bathing suits.

The line is also more natural than other makeup lines and contains sunscreen, though I would suggest always wearing an additional sunscreen under makeup for maximum protection. The line consists of a concealing stick, shine-control powder, and highlighting skin bronzer as well. Hollywood actresses like Christina Millian , Sharon Stone and even some A-list makeup artists are also fans of the line. Nicole donates a percentage of all sales to Lupus related charities. One or more lucky BAT readers will win some of my favorite Nicole Paxson products. Please write your skin-tone type in the comment section or e-mail me. The giveaway will end Wednesday May 28th at 9 pm PST and the winners will be chosen at random. Happy Memorial Day!

(Nicole Paxson cosmetics can be bought @ Click here to read a great article on Nicole in Marie Clarie.)


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Fun giveaway! I have rosacea, so it's always exciting to hear about a new product that may help minimize redness. Looking at their color charts, I'm probably a light/light2. Thanks!

How inspiring that despite her lemons, she didn't victimize herself. After years of fair, severely sensitive (and often acne ridden) skin as a child, I understand a tiny part of what she went through. Thanks for posting on this, I always love reading the different things you draw attention to!


I'm light- I have allergies and seborric dermatitis so I need a good cover up for redness!

That's fabulous! I have mild rosacea myself, and am still trying different skin products.

Skin type: fair.

This sounds perfect for my uneven skin tone! Thanks for the information. I would love to try it. Oh,skin tone medium.

I have very sensitive skin and am always looking for products to help! In addition, I suffer from Eczema, have very fair and dry skin.

Thank you!

I have severe acne + old scars so I totally understand. Skin type: light.

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