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The hip newish restaurant "Raw" was the restaurant du jour on the first and second episodes of last season's "Sex and the City." The restaurant "Raw" on the show has gag me food, but a hot waiter, black laquered tables and marvelous cocktails. The reality is that the girls would never go to the real restaurant. However, the actresses as normal people would.

In reality, "Raw" is in Santa Monica, California. The furnishings are sparse--the equivalent of a healthy fast food restaurant. The table and chairs are made from wood. There are no alcoholic beverages.

A former raw foodie told me the hippies from that same raw foods company (that the restaurant is owned by), make the food by mashing it up in their armpits and use their hands to mix things up. I can't verify if this is truth or fiction. I am sure no one does this in the kitchen, but far, far away in a place likeā€¦ Topanga Canyon. Perhaps they chant while doing it.

My friend S went out once with a raw foodie. He had a difficult time picking a restaurant that would accommodate his dog and diet restrictions. S and I have made pacts not to date guys who are married to their animals.

I still have not ventured to "Raw." I can't get that armpit-smashing hippy image out of my head.


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