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I Heart Fox

Part of: LA , Literati , Seinfeld-esque

Breakfast: Banana Nutri Grain Bar/ Chubby Hubby Ice Cream

My Day Last Thursday--written informally (i.e. I didn't spend time editing it)

10:30 am

Wake up late—WTF? I went to sleep at 1:30AM! I thought I’d wake up at 9:30. I went to my MD in Pasadena yesterday to find out why I’ve been so tired. I was so tired I forgot my wallet and couldn’t pay for my breakfast. I should’ve gone to my acupuncturist.


Gather some laundry together to do at my parents’ house. My socks have numerous hiding places. I feel like I’m getting two children ready to go.


Grab the bag with all my 2003 receipts in it. Like--omigod! I haven’t done my taxes yet. No, it’s not because I don’t have my act together. I haven’t had the money to pay my accountant. No one has donated any money to my website for ages.


I take a quick shower. Having dressing issues, I take off my brown cords because they aren’t making me look slim. I need to have them dry cleaned. They look much better with a crease. I throw on my blue Juicy cords that fit perfectly and a paprika sleeveless top.


Eat a fig Newton. I wanted to eat out, but am running late.


I drive all the way back to fucking Pasadena to pay the waiter at Julienne.


Give the waiter a big tip. Grab a sandwich (Roasted Leg of Lamb, Caramelized Onions, Avocado, Tomato, Basil Aioli on Pain Rustique) and a Diet Coke to go.

1:10 p.m

Arrive at American Apparel on Sunset and Alvarado. I feel like I’m back in Paris-- I wear a medium. Though Echo Park is the new Silverlake, the majority of the residents are Latino. It seems cruel to have a sweatshop free clothing store where most Latinas won’t be able to fit into the women’s clothes. They’ll have to wear the unisex men’s shirts.

From American Apparel’s website:

Classic Girl is our young women's line. Sizing is always controversial when it comes to women's T's, so please excuse our directness. Classic Girl is not a "junior's" line. It is designed for women of all ages who desire a youthful fit. Because our fabrics are stretchy (especially our Baby Rib, which has a stretch factor of over 100%), each size can fit a wide range of women. When Classic Girl T-shirts are to be used to promote an event, our Medium/One Size (indicated by M/OS) is suggested, as it fits approximately 80% of women.


After wasting a lot of time trying on small T-shirts and tanks, I buy a kelly green and olive green tank top. They are fifteen bucks each—much less expensive than James Pierce, Vince and Petite Bateau.


Take the 101 north and somehow end up on the 134 north. I get lost in Toluca Lake for fifteen minutes. Getting lost in the Valley is hellish because the Valley is hell.


Call my musician, etc. friend. He wants to come out to my parents' house, but I have too much work to do—Sorry, babe.


I pick up a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and a small cup of organic Peet’s coffee to go from a small deli.


I place a call to a lit agent. I can’t remember if his assistant, B, said 3 or 4 was the best time to call. The agent is in a meeting at one of my favorite places, Fox. B tells me to call back in an hour.


I arrive at my parents’ house. I prepare for animal duty.

My mom writes:

Open the family room window, please!

3:00 ish- Take Star’s [cat] dish from the fridge into the computer room. Close the hallway door on your way out and out the barricade in place.

Let the kitties [my brother's Bengals] out of their room to play in the house. Rake their sandbox clean. Put litter “stuff” in litter locker—to the left of litter box,

4:00 ish- Take Snickers out for a walk.

4:30- Feed the kitties their food in their room. I’ve put their dishes of food in the fridge.

5:00- Feed Snickers her dinner outside. I’ve filled her bowl with dry food and left it on top of the dryer. Put some halibut from the fridge on top of the dry food, and add a teeny bit of hot water from the tap. She can come in after she eats. You can put her in my bedroom after she eats and close the door.

Now, relax and have a glass of wine!

P.S. There is thin mint ice cream in the freezer [I wish I would’ve known this before I bought the massive cookie]

Mom has left out a fresh bottle of Pinot Noir, caramels and my favorite white trash chips: Baked RUFFLES™ brand Cheddar and Sour Cream

Inside the fridge is linguine with clams and a side of squash. The note on top of it says: Vent and nuke for 1 minute. Sprinkle parsley on top. xxxooo


Say, “Hi” to my favorite assistant, B. He transfers my call to his agent boss. I ask agent how his meeting at my favorite network went, and he assumes I must be stalking him. Uh, no, your assistant told me. I hope I didn't get B in trouble. Note to self: chill out on your Fox TV infatuation. Now I get paranoid that B told agent about the couple other times I called and didn’t leave messages. But said agent had told me a while back he likes to be stalked. We have a lovely conversation.


Take wine, water and the bag of chips over to couch to watch this week’s, “The O.C.” (Note: I’m way into “The O.C.” again). I ran into a Fox producer a few weeks ago, and he said the ratings are amazing. He wasn’t sure about how “Arrested Development” was going to fare. However, Mike Schneider told me that there’s a 90% chance it would come back.


Organize my receipts and watch two dragonflies having sex midair, then on the window.


Notice that the dragonflies are still having sex.


I didn’t know dragonflies were into tantric sex—they’re so evolved.


The dragonflies finally stop copulating. I pull out a script I need to cover, but can't get my mind off of sex.


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