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I Swear to God...

Part of: Hollywood , Paris Hilton


[Breakfast: two slices of baby swiss cheese]

...that I saw Paris Hilton's breast last night on The Simple Life 2 right after she cut her maid's outfit to be sexier. I don't think that there was any nip showing. Honestly, I don't see how that could've been her breast because she's like an "A-" cup. The breast looked like at least a full "B."

...swear to God that I caught a TV interview yesterday with Kim Basinger, and she had that I-just-got-a-too-tight-face lift look. I thought an alien had taken over her body.

...swear to God that an acquaintance told me a gossip columnist's dating M.O., but told me not do "the Luke Ford thing" aka quoting anything you say and perhaps secretly recording you with a tape recorder. (Note to all: I am not Luke Ford) Said acquaintance also suggested that it was never a good idea to gossip about a gossip columnist. (but we don't care about that at BAT)

-Check out this updated post to see what "Six Feet Under's" Mathew St. Patrick's real name is and to find out what one of his McJobs was.

Coming later today: Tales of cupcakes, champagne and Chris Weitz (nothing bad or too personal, Chris--in case you are reading).

P.S. Buy Luke Ford's most recent book here


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