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...or not!

Breakfast: 1/2 omelette with spinach, onions and sweet peppers/ iced coffee from Main Street's farmers' market.

While leaving Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the Third Street Promenade with Tobey, I spied Nicky Hilton with a friend, W.A.S.P. (Clueless girls do exist!) Just as I was asking Tobey if he had recognized Hilton, the two girls passed by us again and made a beeline for WASP’s car, a Beamer SUV waiting for them at Lago. I guess the girls decided they didn’t need the extra calories. Tobey pointed out that Hilton did not have a good ass, but that he thought she was stunning and much prettier than her sister, Paris. Some advice for Nicky: Please wear less makeup more often. Your freckles are adorable.

J Alexander was dining at Toast the other day with an attractive girl and hanger on who reminded me of Turtle on Entourage. WTF? Who is J Alexander, you’re thinking. He is the runway diva on America’s Next Top Model. Duh! We’ve all witnessed Alexander talk the talk and walk the walk. However, the real life J Alexander's walk was one of the most wacked I’ve seen. The top half of his body was ridged while his legs seemed to be dragging.

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