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LaLa Land B.S.

Part of: LA

[Breakfast: a salami, provolone, romano, and orange pepper scramble]

--I know in the past that I’ve said how BMW drivers are the worst, but now after extensive research I must rescind. (I still think that people who drive Saab’s are dorks, though). By far the most aggressive and intimidating drivers on the road are people who drive Minivan’s, SUV’s and Pick-Up Trucks. DK and I started our "psycho driver" research on our Vegas trip and finished it up a couple of weeks ago. (Wait, maybe BMW SUV drivers are the worst. I’ll let you know.) Perhaps in other parts of the country the results would be different.

--Wearing pajama pants out in public is pathetic and just wrong. I used to think that only women did it, but I was wrong. Men like to wear their plaid pajama pants around on the weekend. WTF? And some men wonder why they can’t get laid. I will admit that the worst offender I’ve seen lately was a woman at Ralphs with her boyfriend. She was wearing her pajama pants and top, a ratty bathrobe and slippers. "She’s obviously stoned," I said to DK. But she was in front of us in line, and we both checked out her eyes. Her boyfriend wasn’t wearing PJ’s and all they were buying was ice cream.

--Sudoku has really surpassed being trendy. On Sunday, I saw a homeless woman working on a puzzle in a Sudoku workbook. She was sitting on a park bench overlooking the ocean at Palisades Park. I have Sudokuphobia, so I was impressed.

--Sometimes I walk on the Venice/Santa Monica pedestrian path at sunset. There’s always a row of parked cars with people inside watching the sunset. They are such lazy-asses. When you’re literally 15 feet away from a place to sit outside or on the sand, why would you stay in your car?


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