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Part of: Gossip , Kate Moss , Lindsay Lohan , Mischa Barton , Politics , Stoned!

--Mischa Barton is about to become a US citizen. Great, now we can’t blame her bad taste in style on being an alien. I was going to say style and men, but since her boyfriend Cisco Adler just took her to Paris for her 20th birthday, I thought I’d give him a break. [Female First]

--Widow of Martin Luther King Jr., Corretta Scott King, died. She was 78. [NYT]

--Matt Dillon was nominated for an Academy Award for playing a racist cop in the movie "Crash". After congratulating Dillon on his powerful performance and the great message of the movie, Katie Couric admitted that she is the only person in LA or NYC who hasn't seen the movie. []

--Kate Moss has re-entered Britian for her cocaine quiz. My bet is that she’ll ace it. [The Mirror]

--Fashionistas take note: British designer Luella Bartley will have a limited edition collection at Target for 90 days starting tomorrow. Don’t worry, all the rich hipsters will make their assistants stand in line and get all the lower priced goods before the working class girls have a chance. [My Way]

--Kathy Griffin has a square shaped head. [Magenta nymph]

--Which starlet was hospitalized again, lost just under $1m worth of diamonds in a cab, and lost her diary?

Lindsay Lohan, who is looking like Sharon Stone in this picture. [Female First]


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